Download and Use XMEye for PC on Windows 7, 8 or 10 and Mac

XMEye for PC

Security is of utmost importance in our lives. Because of this reason, lots of people install IP cameras and DVR for the protection of their homes and properties. After installation, a good monitoring tool is very important for checking the progress of installed IP Cameras.

Install iVMS-4500 for PC on Windows 8/10 and Mac

iVMS-4500 PC and Mac

Be master of installed IP cameras and whole CCTV network with NVR, thanks to iVMS 4500 app. This app has been in the market for quite long time and available for download for Android/iOS devices. What about Windows and Macs? Well, that can be achieved now too. 

Download Yale CCTV for Windows 8/10 and Mac

Yale CCTV for Mac and PC

Yale CCTV is mobile application that links with the installed CCTV/IP cameras at your home. With this application, you can live stream the camera on your mobile in order to have a better security.