Best iOS Emulators for Android Devices

Best iOS Emulators for Android

Looking for a way to use an app that is only available for iOS devices on your Android phone or tablet? The Google Play Store and the Android app developers don’t want you to know that you CAN actually use iOS apps on Android devices, with the assistance of a simple (and free) piece of software called an emulator.

Facetime For Samsung: Use Popular App with Your Android Device

Facetime For Samsung

Sure, there are alternatives for Facetime, but maybe you just WANT to use Facetime. There’s no shame in that. You may have read that it is impossible to use Facetime on any android device. That’s not exactly true. Read on, and we’ll show you how.

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac

Is your iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Are you experiencing some abnormal behaviors from your iOS device? Well, lot of these issues can be fixed by putting your iOS device to recovery mode and then getting it out from there.