Tizen vs Android: Comparison and Review

tizen vs android

Tizen v Android: What are Tizen, and which is better? In today’s article, we are talking about Tizen, a new operating system that is growing rapidly in use and popularity, which may also be poised to steal a huge portion of the previously Android and iOS dominated phones, devices, and apps markets.

WLAN vs WIFI: What’s the difference?

wlan vs wifi

WLAN vs Wifi. Wifi vs WLAN. What’s the difference? It can be confusing, especially when the terms are thrown around so frequently without explanation. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between WLAN and WIFI simple enough so that even a non-techie can understand it.

What Is Free Wifi?

what is free wifi

What is free wifi? In this article, we are discussing free wifi: what it is, where you can find it, if it is safe, and ways you can protect yourself while using it.

Is HTTPS Safe On Public Wifi?

is HTTPS safe on public wifi

Is HTTPS safe on public wifi? In this article, we’ll talk about HTTPS, the concerns of using public wifi, and how HTTPS makes you more secure (or not).

Is Cheetah Keyboard Safe To Use?

is cheetah keyboard safe

Is Cheetah Keyboard safe? In this article, we’ll talk about Cheetah Keyboard and the security concerns associated with third party keyboard applications.