Nox vs Bluestacks: Head to Head Comparison

Nox vs Bluestacks

Nox vs Bluestacks, which is better? On this site, we have frequently recommended by Nox App Player and Bluestacks as go-to emulators for people who want to get started emulating android games and apps to their desktop computers, But which is better between the two? Let’s talk about them.

MegaN64 Emulator for PC (Windows and Mac)

MegaN64 Emulator for PC

Looking to download MegaN64 emulator for PC? We’ll explain how you can use this popular emulator on your desktop computer (Windows and Mac). UPDATE: Don’t download MegaN64 Emulator. We’ll talk about why you should definitely avoid this once very popular N64 emulator in today’s article.

What are the best PS3 emulators for PC?

best ps3 emulators for pc

Looking for the best and most recommended PS3 emulator for PC? In this article, we’ll give you the best options currently available to start playing PS3 games on your PC (Windows and Mac).

Why Do Emulators Lag?

why do emulators lag

Why do emulators lag so much? Are you loving the idea of playing android games on your desktop computer but with the performance of your chosen emulator? In this article, we’ll explain why emulators run slowly and make some suggestions for how you can fix the problem.