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TorrDroid for PC – Free Download for Windows 8/10


Mostly, people prefer to download larger files through torrents. There are lot of torrent clients available for Windows, but TorrDroid is yet another one. It is basically for Android devices, but you can have it running on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 powered laptop or desktop computer.

TorrDroid for PC Windows


TorrDroid is one of the most popular Torrent downloader available for Android devices. The easy interface and smooth performance of TorrDroid, make it preffered choice of users for downloadign torrents with high speed.


One amazing feature of TorrDroid is its ability to allow users search for torrent within the app itself, without manually downloading the torrent files or magnet links. This feature is known as its built-in search engine.

Download TorrDroid for PC

TorrDroid is basically an Android app which is available for download for almost all Android smartphones and tablets for free. However, to use it on your Windows computer, you need to first install a program known as Android emulator. There are lot of free Android emulators available for Windows, and you can select it from list here.

How to Use TorrDroid for Windows 8/10

After installation of TorrDroid in Windows using Bluestacks or any other emulator of your choice, using it is as simple as counting. All you need is to launch it and configure it using on-screen instructions on first install and that’s it.

Is it legal to use TorrDroid?

While laws can vary from country to country, the idea and concept of torrenting in itself is not objectionable. Instead, it is what people do WITH apps like TorrDroid which are illegal and troublesome. If you are using TorrDroid to access copyrighted material against the wishes and permissions of the creators and owners of the content, then you have committed illegal acts.


But if you do not commit illegal acts while using TorrDroid, then you should not have worries about illegalities unless your country has specifically made torrenting illegal.


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