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Garena Contra: Return for PC and Mac – Counteract Attacking Alliens


Garena Contra: Return is a very famous game developed by Konami. This game is full of action and quick decisions. You can enjoy Garena Contra: Return on the big screen of your PC using Android emulators.

Garena Contra: Return Review

The game is filled with action sequences that will keep you engaged and immersed. You act as an skilled personnel who is tasked with the objective to stop all the attacking aliens. You can achieve your objective in multiple ways. The game-play is fast-paced and very satisfying. As you will be completing more and more levels, you will also have to reach specific goals in order to proceed to newer missions.

Each new mission brings new action sequences and you will also be able to unlock new characters as you progress in the game. There are various game modes that you can play in Garena Contra: Return. Each game mode has its own taste.


There is a fantastic PvP mode in this game that lets you try your luck with random opponents. It is a very challenging experience.

Download and Play Garena Contra: Return for PC and Mac

  1. Download Android emulator for Windows or Mac after choosing from list.
  2. Launch emulator and launch PlayStore on it.
  3. Search for “Garena Contra: Return” inside PlayStore and install it.

Best Tips for Playing Garena Contra: Return

Garena Contra: Return is filled with game-play features that will keep the players involved in the game for a lot of time. It has amazing graphics, tense boss fights, amazing game modes and loads and loads of action. You can choose the weapons and characters of your own choice.

Customize them in your favorite ways. Or you can join your friends and slay aliens together. You will spend good time with your friends in Garena Contra: Return.


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