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Start Trek Fleet Command for PC – A Star Trek Series Based Game


There is a good chance that you have heard of the Star Trek series, it is one of the most popular movie series of all times. If you want to experience the game adaptation of this famous series, you can try Star Trek Fleet Command.

Start Trek Fleet Command Review

Start Trek Fleet Command is a massively strategy game with immense space action. This game gives complete freedom to its players in terms of its game-play. Players have establish a defensive space station. In this space station, you can store weapons, train an army or even manufacture new kinds of weapons for their defense. The space is filled with your enemies, you will only have a good chance against them if you keep your ship upgraded and occupy your soldiers with the right weapons.


The customization is fantastic in this game. You can modify each and every aspect of your ship. You can build various departments for various kinds of productions. Similarly, the upgradation system is also fantastic.

Combat of Start Trek Fleet Command is great and much strategy based. As you explore the vast open world, you will face enemy ships. These enemies will attack you will full power. If you defeat them in combat, you will receive great amount of goods for upgrading and modifying your ship.


Download Start Trek Fleet Command for PC

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it.
  2. Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks.
  3. Search for “Start Trek Fleet Command” and proceed with installation.

Final Words about Start Trek Fleet Command

Overall, Start Trek Fleet Command is a fantastic strategy action game which gives full freedom to its players. Its combat is great and its up-gradation system is very immersive and addictive.


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