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RXCamPro for PC – Free Download for Windows 8/10


Surveillance through CCTV cameras is very common nowadays. However, it can be much more effective if you have access to all the cameras feeds at all times. Thanks to RXCamPro, it is now possible.


We have covered lot of security apps like XMEye, NUUO iViewer and Guarding Expert in past that offers the option of live streaming the CCTV cameras on Android device.

RXCamPro is a new release that offers advanced functionality like support for almost all kind of CCTV cameras and live uploading of feed to your Cloud storage. It is available for free in PlayStore for Android devices.


RXCamPro for PC

How to Download RXCamPro for PC

Being an Android app, you would need to have an Android emulator installed on your Windows computer in order to use RXCamPro on it. Not sure what an emulator is? Read: What is an Android Emulator before you move on.

Follow the steps below to install RXCamPro for PC:

  1. First of all download any free available Android emulator. You may choose one from this list.
  2. Launch the downloaded Android emulator on your system.
  3. Open PlayStore inside Android emulator. You may be required to login with your Google account to proceed using PlayStore. Do that.
  4. Search for “RXCamPro” inside PlayStore.
  5. After the complete installation of RXCamPro for PC, you will see its icon on your homescreen. Launch it from there and connect your CCTV cameras with it.

The best part from RXCamPro for PC is its easy configuration option. You will just need IP address, port number and username/password of cameras to connect with RXCamPro remotely. Rest, RXCamPro for PC will do the work.


Summary/Wrap Up

The developer who brings you RXCamPro have also released RXCam, RXCamLink, and RXCamView. Have you tried any of these other offerings? If so, let us know what you think about them in the comments, for the benefit of other readers here on 10Downloads.


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