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How to Install and Play Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble in Windows or Mac


Bob is back in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble, ready to take on some new adventures. If you are a fan of Robbery Bob or even if you love playing 2D stealth games, Robbery Bob  is a must try game for you. You can try out this game for free and better yet on PC or Mac.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Review

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble improves in almost every way that the players would expect after playing Robbery Bob 1. The game-play was already great, but this time, the developers have made it even more good. The levels have become even more challenging and with a gripping story, you are sure to enjoy Bob’s unexpected adventures.

Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble


Guide to Install and Play Robbery Bob 2 on Windows PC or Mac

Installation of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble on Windows computer or Mac is pretty easy and straight forward. We will be taking help of software known as Android emulators to this security app on your computers. There are lot of emulators available and we have already sorted out the best ones for our readers:

  • Best Android Emulators for Mac
  • Best Android Emulators for Windows

Once you have installed your preferred emulator, it is time to proceed with downloading Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble for PC using steps below:

  1. Launch the Android emulator and open PlayStore inside it.
  2. Search for “Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble” to download it.
  3. Wait till successful installation of Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.

Gameplay of Robbery Bob 2

This time, the stakes are greater than ever before. Dive into different cities, solve mysterious puzzles, where each puzzle will challenge you differently. The guards have become more alert and powerful. Traps are placed in many places. You must avoid these traps in order to stay undetected. As the guards offer a challenge to Bob, he has also decided to take these guards seriously.

Bob can now use his environment to stay hidden from his enemies. He can also distract the guards using various objects from his surroundings. Bob can now use multiple items from his gear to get the edge over his enemies that he is often in need of.


Just like the previous game, you have to pick up specific items and get out as quickly as you can. Bob can now evade his enemies, even after getting caught. Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble features amazing graphics, top-notch game-play, a brilliant level-design and an attaching character, Bob.


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