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Download and Play Empire: Four Kingdoms for PC in Windows or Mac


Empire: Four Kingdoms is a game that resembles The Age of Empires in many ways. It is a strategy game which features PvP battles. Playing this game on the large screen of PC, would surely be a very good idea.

Empire: Four Kingdoms Review

Control a land. Form an army, train the army. Build a castle. Place defenses, because you will be facing the attacks of the enemy kings quite often. There is a great system of strategy in this game. Players have to make timely decisions in order to stay ahead of their enemies. The world of Empire: Four Kingdoms is very cunning. You have to stay vigilant, for the safety of your people.

Empire Four Kingdoms


There is a wide array of defenses that you could place around your castle. Choose wisely, as the resources might become scarce. In this cunningly dangerous world, you will not only find enemies, but good friends too, that will help you in achieving your objective. You can exchange goods with them, to get the items you need.

How to Install and Play Empire: Four Kingdoms in Windows or Mac

  1. Download Android emulator for Windows or Mac after choosing from list.
  2. Launch emulator and launch PlayStore on it.
  3. Search for “Empire: Four Kingdoms” inside PlayStore and install it.


At last, the battle is the pivotal part of this game. Battles are brutal. Your enemies are very strong and they make use of any weakness that you have. Make sure to strengthen your defenses. If you want to face your enemy in the open grounds, make sure to beat them at their own plans.

Empire: Four Kingdoms features awesome graphics paired with an addictive game-play. The details are awesome and make the game even more enjoyable to play. Empire: Four Kingdoms has an overall rating of 4.2 on the PlayStore, with its downloads exceeding 10 Million.


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