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Download OnePlus 6 Official Wallpapers in 4K


OnePlus 6 was released recently which features almost bezel-less screen. To add more to this gorgeous display beauty, OnePlus is packed with some nice official wallpapers that have 4k resolution.

Download OnePlus 6 Wallpapers

You can download all these OnePlus 6 official wallpapers to use on your smartphone. This set of wallpapers are colorful, vibrant, and polished. They look both sharp and blurry, dark and bright, like art and yet not. They are complex and beautiful. Funny enough, I just find myself looking at them, like they are ART (with capital letters) and not just phone wallpaper. Really striking, and I wish I had them on a wall in my home instead of on a phone.


OnePlus 6

Whoops, sorry, got distracted. We are talking about the OnePlus 6 smartphone (and not just about wallpaper). The OnePlus 6 is the latest flagship released by OnePlus. It comes with 6.28 inches of gorgeous display, 16 megapixels of camera to take perfect photos and capture 2160p video.

To power-up this beast, OnePlus has added 8 GB of RAM to this flagship. The phone has 3300 mAh of battery that can last for days. OnePlus 6 is a dual sim phone and comes with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.

Overall, the reviews of the OnePlus 6 seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Users rave that the phone works great, and it even feels expensive (rather than cheap). Those who love it feel it can go head-to-head with the Samsung S9+.

If you don’t mind some small compromises in the screen brightness and other small details, this is a great phone for you to use.


Download OnePlus 6 Official Wallpapers

You can download all the 5 official wallpapers of OnePlus in full 4K resolution for your smartphone or tablet from here.

The official wallpapers of OnePlus 6 were designed by Hampus Olsson. He has also previously worked on wallpapers for OnePlus devices including OnePlus 3T etc.

Let us know which of OnePlus 6 wallpaper you liked the most.


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