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Download Wildscapes for PC (Windows and Mac)


Addicted to your Wildscapes game on your phone, but think it would be much easier to play it on your PC (Windows or Mac OS)? In this article, we’ll show you how you can get set up to play Wildscapes on your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer in just minutes.

Wildscapes Review

Wildscapes users love this game, marveling at the cuddly cute animals, attractive graphics and the game play. Finally, a game where you can lose yourself for hours, and actually find it challenging to beat each level to move on.


Download Wildscapes for PC

In Wildscapes, you get to build your dream zoo, with enclosures for animals, and all the necessary hangout spots for the humans who come to visit them. Complete assigned tasks to win rewards, and unlock areas to get more of your favorite animals.

How to play Wildscapes on Windows and Mac

The way you can play a game created for android on other devices (when a direct download for PC does not yet exist) is through an android emulator. (You can also utilize iOS emulators).

If you don’t know what an android emulator is, check out this introductory article about android emulators.


The first thing you’ll need to do is to select the emulator you want to utilize on your computer. These following articles will help provide you with the information you’ll need to do so:

Once you’ve selected your emulator of choice, here are the steps to start playing Wildscapes on your desktop computer:

  1. Download your chosen emulator to your desktop computer or laptop
  2. Install the emulator
  3. Once installed, open the emulator
  4. Inside the emulator program, navigate to the Google Play Store
  5. Search for the Wildscapes android app
  6. Click on it to download and install it (still in the emulator)
  7. Open the game in the emulator if it doesn’t open automatically
  8. Play!

It sounds technical, but it is actually quite common and thousands (if not millions) of people are doing this around the world every day.


Wildscapes is an awesome free game available now in the Google Play Store. It is currently rated 4.2 (with 1500 reviews so far), has 100,000 downloads, and has in-app purchases available.

Have you tried Wildscapes? Let us know what you think about the android game in the comments!


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