Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac

Is your iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Are you experiencing some abnormal behaviors from your iOS device? Well, lot of these issues can be fixed by putting your iOS device to recovery mode and then getting it out from there.

Recently, my iPhone X screen went black. Though the iPhone was ON, but the display was Off. The problem was solved by putting my iPhone to recovery mode. Now you might be wondering, how I got my iPhone to recovery mode with screen off? Well, thanks to a tool called ReiBoot.

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac

ReiBoot Utility

ReiBoot is an amazing utility that will help you solve lot of common iOS issue. Major issue include fixing the stuck iPhone. With ReiBoot, you will be able to put your iOS device to recovery mode with just a single click

Download ReiBoot for Windows and Mac

How to Use ReiBoot

After downloading, install ReiBoot. Launch it from your homescreen. When it is launched, connect your iOS device that is having problem to your PC or Mac.

Some of the common issue that ReiBoot fix include:

  • iPhone stuck on recovery mode
  • iPhone frozen during update
  • iPhone stuck in Headphone mode
  • iPhone stuck in DFU Mode
  • iPhone cannot be detected by iTunes
  • iPhone restarts continuously

Let us know your experience with ReiBoot on Windows or Mac.

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