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Vlogit for PC-How to Download and Use Vlogit for Windows and Mac


Vlogit is an awesome and free tool for new youtubers and small youtube channels. In this article, we’ll show you how you can set up Vlogit for PC, on your Windows or Mac computer.

Vlogit Review

Vlogit is a free video editor made to assist Vloggers, created by Filmora (who offers a premium desktop video editor). With Vlogit, you can make almost all the edits the professional channels make. You can add music, voiceovers, and effects, create animated intro videos and outtros, you can insert graphics and stickers, and more. Further, you can export your videos in 1080P without losing the quality of your video.


Vlogit for PC

What I like about this app (over some of the other free options out there) is that you have access to all the tools you need, WITHOUT a time limit and WITHOUT a watermark. This is one of the things that makes this app superior to a lot of the other free vlogging or editing apps out there, which require that you post your video with the giant MADE WITH ______ watermark that you can’t get rid of without paying.

Why use Vlogit on your PC instead of your phone?

The app is great and works well on your phone, but it can be hard to do everything you need on your phone. You might have a better webcam or mic on your computer, or you might not want to clog up your smartphone’s memory with all the videos you need. I think it is definitely easier to edit videos on a bigger screen, when you can use a mouse and have several windows open. Plus everything is just bigger than it is on a phone screen.

How to get Vlogit for Windows or Mac?

Until Vlogit releases a Windows or Mac compatible software or page, your primary option for using this free software on your desktop is through the use of an android emulator. (See What is an android emulator?)


There’s more tech to it, but basically an emulator allows your Windows or Mac computer to imitate an android device, so you can use the android app on the Windows or Mac computer. There are several high quality emulators out there (and free too).

We recommend that if you are unfamiliar with emulators, you start with Nox, Bluestacks, or LDPlayer. You can find out more about them in our Emulator Knowledge Base.

Once you have picked out an emulator, here are the steps to get started using Vlogit for Windows:

  1. Download your chosen emulator to your Windows or Mac Computer
  2. Install the emulator
  3. Open the emulator program
  4. Inside the emulator program, navigate to the Google Play Store
  5. Find and select the Vlogit app
  6. Open up Vlogit (still inside the emulator)
  7. Use Vlogit as you normally would

That’s it!

Summary/Wrap Up

Vlogit is a great app for people who are just getting started on youtube. There are very free video editing apps and services that are truly free, that don’t require a watermark. This app comes highly recommended in the Google Play Store, ranking 4.2 out of 5 stars.

The app has been downloaded more thnn 1,000,000 times, is free, and there are in-app purchase options. The app is rated E for Everyone.

Have you tried Vlogit? What did you think of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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