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Train Taxi for Windows and Mac – A Creative and Entertaining Game to Play


If you want a game that presents a challenge along with an entertaining game-play, try out Train Taxi. Use the Bluestacks to download and install Train Taxi on PC or Mac for free.

Train Taxi Review

Train Taxi is a very beautiful game that offers an entertaining game-play paired with its creative level-design that amazes the players. In this game, your goal is to pick up all the people in your surroundings. But beware, as more people enter the train, the train gets bigger and bigger. As the train gets bigger, you would have difficulty in controlling it.

Train Taxi


Download Train Taxi for Windows 8/10 or Mac

To play Train Taxi on your Windows or Mac computer, you will need an Android Emulator. Not sure what an emulator is? We’ve got an article explaining it to you: What is an Android Emulator?

  1. Download Android emulator for Windows or Mac after choosing from the list, and install it on your desktop computer
  2. Launch the emulator and navigate to Google Play Store on it.
  3. Search for “Train Taxi” inside PlayStore and install it.
  4. Play! Yep, that’s it.

Gameplay of Train Taxi

That is not all, if the train gets bigger enough, you might crash it. The main objective is to pick up all the people. This will complete your levels. As you complete levels, you will experience the game getting difficult. There are lots of levels in Train Taxi. Each level puts you in a different situation. So get your seat-belt on, pick up all the persons, avoid hitting your own train, and travel to deserts, meadows, icy plains and a lot more.

Train Taxi is a game that is appreciated by a lot of players on the Playstore. It has achieved a rating of 4.5 with its downloads exceeding 10 Million. Be sure to give this game a try.


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