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Star Trek Timelines for PC (Windows/Mac)


Are you looking to download and play Star Trek Timelines – Strategy RPG & Space Battles on your desktop or laptop computer? In this short tutorial guide, we’ll explain and you how you can get started playing Star Trek Timelines on your PC in a few steps with the assistance of an android emulator.

Star Trek Timelines – Strategy RPG & Space Battles

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Love the Star Trek universe? Star Trek Timelines is yet another way to enjoy the creative and intricate universe of Star Trek. In this role playing game, you will join the Starfleet to travel through space to try and save a galaxy from dangers that threaten.

What fans will love is that Timelines gathers all of your favorite heroes and villains from all the various Star Trek offerings, including the newer series Star Trek: Discovery.

In this game, you’ll:

  • Build up your crew from the hundreds of characters from all the Star Treks, including Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery. You can play as Spock, Picard, Kirk, Data, and more.
  • Command a star ship, and the options include Enterprise, Voyager, Shenzhou, even the Borg Cube!
  • Join up with friends in a Fleet to compete in events
  • PvE and PvP Battle Arena play options
  • Explore the galaxy
  • more

The game is free to download and install, though there are in-app purchases. The content is rated for everyone 10+ due to mild fantasy violence. It has been installed more than one million times, receives frequent updates from the developers, and is rated at about a 4.0 out of 5 stars on Google Play.


Playing Star Trek Timelines on PC

Until our favorite games are release for browser play or for PC, the primary way we can enjoy these popular android games is with the assistance of an android emulator. There are definitely other options, but emulators represent the least technical and intimidating of the options, not to mention that most emulators are free.

An android emulator imitates the android system on your desktop or laptop computer. There are several options, but we are recommending Bluestacks emulator as it is free to download, easy to use, and is safe for your system.

Click here to download Bluestacks directly from the Bluestacks.com website (and not get it from a shady third party website)


Here are the steps to get started playing Star Trek Timelines with Bluestacks:

  1. Follow the link above to the download page for Bluestacks emulator
  2. Download the installer file for Bluestacks and then run it
  3. Follow the steps to set up the emulator
  4. Go to the upper right corner and search for the game you want to play (Star Trek Timelines)
  5. Click the icon to install the game
  6. Select the game
  7. Play

That’s it.

Wrap Up

Once you have Bluestacks installed, you can start playing any number of android only games on your desktop or laptop computer. You can also access android only productivity or social media apps.

Have you tried Star Trek Timelines? What about it do you like? Let us know your review of the game in the comments section below.


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