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Download Sling Drift for PC: A Driving Skills Testing Game for Windows and Mac


If you truly love racing games, try out this new challenging game called Sling Drift. If you enjoy playing games on bigger screens, you can follow the guide on how to install this game on Mac or Windows.

Sling Drift for PC

Sling Drift will test your driving skills in awesome new ways. This game is entirely exceptional in terms of its level-design and game-play. Your objective is to get past all the obstacles in your path. As the game’s title suggests, you will be slinging across the map in order to complete your objective.

As easy as it may seem, driving is very tough in Sling Drift. You have to practice harder and get used to the controls a lot in order to control your car with ease.


Sling Drift for Mac

Sling Drift introduces many new features to the racing games. Due to its uniqueness, its game-play is very entertaining and you wont get bored easily. As for the controls, you wont have any complaints regarding it. You can change your controls to your liking in the Bluestacks.

If you get bored of riding the same car again and again, you can also change your car. This game gets even more challenging as you complete more levels. You will enjoy this tough and engaging levels even more on bigger screens.

How to Install Sling Drift for PC in Windows or Mac (Guide)

To install Sling Drift for PC, all you need is an Android emulator and that’s it. Rest of the procedure is pretty simple. To summarize, follow the steps below:


  1. Launch Android emulator on your computer.
  2. Open PlayStore inside it.
  3. Search for “Sling Drift” and proceed with its installation.

Tips for Playing Sling Drift for PC

Sling Drift is the perfect game if you are a car lover and want a tough challenge. The game-play of Sling Drift will always keep you entertained. If you get tired of the ads displaying on the screen while you are playing Sling Drift, you can turn off your internet connection.


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