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Play Police Dog Sim 2018 for PC in Windows 7/8/10

For players who love spending time in a realistically designed world and try to put an end to all the crimes in the city, Police Dog Sim 2018 might just be the game for you. With Bluestacks, you can enjoy Police Dog Sim 2018 on Windows 7/8/10.

Police Dog Sim 2018 for PC

In Police Dog Sim 2018, your objective is to chase and capture all the criminals in your town. The game-play is very realistic and very impressive. Players can take part in amazing side activities in order to completely end the theft and corruption in the city. The town in this game has been brilliantly designed and offers a great amount of detail. There are lots of activities to complete in this big town.


Police Dog Sim 2018 for PC

In Police Dog Sim 2018, you have to investigate the suspicious area in order to capture an enemy. As you find clues, you will get closer to finding your enemy. Once you reach the enemy, he will try to run off. Then you have to use your dog to apprehend the criminal. Your dog is your ally on the field. You can navigate it to catch your enemy. When your dog fulfils its job, you can give it a prize or give it something to eat after its hard work.


You can get close to your dog by giving more time on its training. This training will give you the advantage on the field. You can also make your dog faster and dangerous by unlocking its skills. Unlock various skills that will make your dog more fierce, faster and more reliable on the field against the enemy.

How to Download Police Dog Sim 2018 in Windows

In order to install Police Dog Sim 2018 on your Windows computer or Mac, you need to install Android emulator known as Bluestacks. After installation of Bluestacks, you can launch it and open PlayStore inside it. Search for Police Dog Sim 2018 and proceed for installation.

Tips for Playing Police Dog Sim 2018 for PC

Police Dog Sim 2018 is a fantastic game with a huge map, impressive visuals and simple controls. It has lots of side activities for its players. Its campaign missions are greatly detailed and offer a unique experience.

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