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Safe Zone! for PC (Play on Windows/Mac)


Looking to download Safe Zone! for PC, or get it set up on your desktop computer through some other means? In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how you can get started playing this awesome action game in a few steps on your desktop computer with the assistance of an android emulator.

Safe Zone!: Zombie Survival

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Ever heard of Safe Zone!: Zombie Survival? This is a newer game released to satisfy the never ending hunger of mobile gamers for battling and killing zombies. Blame the popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead or World War Z. Whatever it is, people want zombies.

Safe Zone! brings it.

This is a pretty straight forward survival top-down shooter game. Collect weapons. Fight to kill zombies. We like that the game looks great, the play is fast paced, and the effects are high quality. The controls are easy to use and the game is easy to learn. The missions are quick, and the in-app purchases are reasonable, though there are some pretty spendy premium upgrades.

Checking the Google Play reviews, we see tons of really good reviews. We do notice that there were some complaints about some bugs in the game a while back, but the developers were very active in responding to the problems and released updates to address them.


How to Play Safe Zone! for PC

The easiest way to play games like Safe Zone!: Zombie Survival on your desktop computer is with the assistance of an android emulator. An android emulator is a piece of software you can download through the internet. It mimics the android operating system on your desktop (or laptop) computer, and allows you to use apps and games that would otherwise be incompatible.

The first step is choosing your emulator. There are many options for emulators but we like Bluestacks emulator as the best option, especially if you are just getting started emulating games on your desktop computer. Bluestacks is free to download, easy to set up, and is updated regularly to provide the best possible performance.

Here are the steps once you’ve chosen your emulator (you can see that they aren’t terribly technical or complex):

  1. Download your emulator
  2. Run the emulator installer
  3. Once install is complete, launch the emulator and complete the set up
  4. Within the emulator, search for the game you want to play (it will pull up the game options from Google Play Store). Or you can navigate to an apk file you previously downloaded from another third party source
  5. Once you’ve got your emulator and your game, all you need to do is play the game within the emulator.

That’s pretty much it. No partitioning of your hard drive, no need to install hardware, no need to really do much of anything but download/install what you need.

Wrap Up

Once you have your emulator, you can use it to play hundreds of different android games on your desktop computer. You will also be able to access tons of social media, editing, and other productivity apps that would otherwise be incompatible with your desktop computer. There are tons of free photo editing apps that aren’t available for desktop, for example.

Would you recommend Safe Zone! to other players? Let us know what you think of this exciting game in the comments section below.


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