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Play Popular Physics Game Save Us For PC (Windows/Mac)


Loving the new game Save Us? If you are, you might be one of the few people who have even heard of this excellent game. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can start playing this challenging puzzle game on your desktop or laptop computer.

Save Us Game Review

Save Us is a new and recently released puzzle game. With your creativity, you will build houses and defend the main character Jimmy from meteor showers.


save us for PC

Why are people raving about this game? First of all, the game is completely free. As of the time of publication of this article, there are no options for in-app purchases. There are ads, but the developers have limited them to improve the gaming experience.

Next, the game is just really good! You can customize your character, invest hours in challenging puzzles, access hints if you need them, shop with in-game money, and unlock levels to keep yourself interested and engaged.

So far, the app is rated a 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is rated for Everyone.


We’ll see how time and new users treat it as it gains in popularity (and I don’t doubt that it will).

Playing Save Us on PC (Windows/Mac)

Until a desktop version of Save Us is released (hard to imagine that it will happen), the primary way gamers are playing Save Us on desktop computers or laptops is through the use of an android emulator.

An android emulator is a piece of software you can download from the internet (usually free) that allows your desktop computer to play the otherwise incompatible game, by imitating an android device.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose your android emulator (we like Bluestacks 4)
  2. Download and install your chosen emulator onto your desktop computer or laptop
  3. Open the emulator
  4. Navigate to where you want to get the Save Us apk file (usually Google Play Store)
  5. Download, and install
  6. Play the game inside the emulator interface

That’s pretty much it. Seems like it should be a lot more complicated, but it isn’t, if you are using Bluestacks 4.


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