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Play Dunk Shot for PC Basketball Game in Windows

Dunk Shot is a simple yet creative game for basketball lovers. It is playable now on the PC with the help of emulators.

Dunk Shot for PC

In Dunk Shot your objective is to throw as many balls into the basket as you can. The controls are quite simple. You can easily aim by sliding your finger across the screen. Upon releasing your finger, the ball will follow the highlighted path.

Dunk Shot for PC

Dunk Shot is a very enjoyable game. As you proceed in the game, you will find it becoming more difficult to throw balls into the basket. The animations are excellent.

Players earn stars by throwing more balls. They can buy new balls from these stars, which can be found in unique designs. You only get to keep throwing balls into the basket as long as you don’t miss any.

Dunk Shot is a fantastic arcade game with a very unique and enjoyable game-play. Its graphics are fantastic and the controls are very easy to handle.

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