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Pirate Code for PC – An Intensive Ship Battle Game


If you want a new taste in battle strategy games, you are surely giving yourself a treat by playing the Pirate Code. This game is entirely unique and features a new game-play perspective.

Pirate Code Review

Pirate Code is an intensive ship battle game with visually stunning environments. You will probably be thinking that it is just another slow ship battle game, just when you start playing Pirate Code, you will find yourself wrong.

This is a totally exceptional game with awesome level of detail and lots of game-play opportunities. As it is a pirate game, players will be free in order to choose any pirate to set sails with. These pirate captains are distinctive in terms of their combat skills.


Pirate Code

Choosing the right captain is critical as you will be roaming the seas with him. Every pirate likes to have his own ship. The another awesome part is that you select any of the ships. Ships also have different looks and characteristics. Once you choose a ship, you are ready to sail the seas!

Pirate Code is an engaging and thrilling multiplayer experience. It is an intriguing experience facing real players with their own ships and defeating them with your powers and skills. These are intense 5v5 battles. Battles are tense and balanced. You will find the pace of the battles satisfying. Battles require lots of planning and the right use of powers. You can buy upgrades for your ships to make it fierce in the face of your enemies.

Ships can be upgraded in as many ways as you like. Gold is the ingredient for upgrading your ships. You will find various opportunities to earn gold. The attention to detail in Pirate Code is amazing, you also have to take care of your fellow pirates.


Download Pirate Code for PC

How to Download Pirate Code for PC

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it.
  2. Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks.
  3. Search for “Pirate Code” and proceed with installation.

How to Play Pirate Code for PC

There are lots of things that make Pirate Code an experience like no other. It is a must try game. Players can also enjoy the immersive single player experience of Pirate Code. It is based on the thrilling hunt of the mythical beast of the sea, kraken.


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