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Mazes & More for PC – 2D Puzzle Game (Windows/Mac)


Mazes & More is a simplistic puzzle game featuring immersive game-play. If you are a player who loves to solve puzzles, Mazes & More is a must try for you.

Mazes & More Review

Mazes & More is a puzzle game where players have to find out a way out from mazes. These mazes have been designed with great care and attention to give players a new feel every time they play the game. The controls are very relaxing and make the game even more enjoyable. Multiple game modes can be accessed. Each game mode features its own taste. The game-play perspective is in 2D.

Mazes & MoreThis makes it easier to analyze your surroundings in order to work your way out of that maze. These puzzles will get harder to solve as you complete more and more levels. You will experience different kind of situations while solving the puzzles.


Sometimes, you will have to escape in the specific amount of time. In other game modes, you are chased by a horrific creature that will chase you and catch you on sight. The game-play of Mazes & More is fantastic and full of surprises.

How to Play Mazes & More for PC in Windows/Mac

Step # 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator and install it on your Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

Step # 2: Launch PlayStore with-in Bluestacks and search for “Mazes & More”.

Step # 3: Enjoy playing Mazes & More on your PC or Mac.


Tips for Playing Mazes & More to Score More

There is an immense amount of game modes in Mazes & More. Each game mode brings its own challenges. You will have to work your way out of these situations in order to beat the levels. There are hundreds of levels with fantastic level of detail. Level-design is top-notch. If you find yourself stuck for a longer period of time, you can get hints too.


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