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Play Mob Wars LCN for Windows 8/10 or Mac


In this quick tutorial, we’ll how you how you can play Mob Wars LCN on your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer.

Mob Wars LCN Review

mob wars LCN for windows


If you loved imobsters back in the day, you’ll enjoy Mob Wars LCN. The gameplay of Mob Wars LCN includes:

  • hundreds of illegal jobs and tasks to complete in more than 30 cities
  • fight other mob bosses
  • customize your mobster
  • chat with other players
  • form syndicates and battle rivals
  • build a real estate empire
  • collect unique weapons, armor and vehicles
  • rank on global leaderboards
  • content added on a weekly basis
  • free to play and ad-free

This game is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. It is rated for Teens and above due to drug references, fantasy violence, and mild blood (not surprising given that this is a game about mobsters).

This game is free to play, and as noted above, has no ads which does improve the game experience. However, some of the players who have rated the game poorly (or even the ones who rated the game well) made sure to complain about the in-app purchases, as it appears very hard to succeed in the game without spending at least some money.

How to Play Mob Wars LCN for PC

The developer KANO/Apps notes that you can play Mob Wars LCN through Facebook and also through the web by going to Kanoplay.com.


You may not want to play this game on Facebook or through a browser. There’s no download for Windows/Mac to play the game at this time, but you still play this game on your computer with the assistance of an android emulator.

An android emulator allows your computer to imitate the android system to allow the incompatible software to run on your desktop or laptop computer. Emulators like Bluestacks 4 (which recommend for Mob Wars LCN) are free to download and use, and pretty simple to install.

The steps to get started are pretty simple:

  1. Choose, download, and install your emulator
  2. Launch your emulator, and then inside the emulator, navigate to where you have the Mob Wars LCN apk file, or go to Google Play Store and click the button to install.
  3. After that, you can play the game inside the emulator interface.

That’s pretty much it. Any questions? Let us know in the comments below.


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