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Lords Mobile for PC – Free StrongHold Like Game to Combat


If you are a serious gamer, you will find Lords Mobile to be an awesome game. This game contains tense battles, freedom of exploration and strategic game-play. You will enjoy Lords Mobile even more on large screens.

Lords Mobile Review

Lords Mobile is all about strategic game-play against real players online. To face your opponents, you have to build your own stronghold. This stronghold has to be kept in order. Raise your army and make them ready to face your opponents. The game-play is all about planning. You have to visualize your moves before acting upon them. This will make your stronghold safe and ready to face your enemies.

Lords Mobile


The main thing in Lords Mobile is the heroes. These heroes have to be searched throughout the world. Once you collect these heroes, you can use them in combat. Players have to look carefully for items to improve their stronghold.

You can make new buildings, set defensive areas and explore many new opportunities. You will experience many unexpected things in Lords Mobile like your soldier being captured by raiders. You can recapture your ally and bring him to safety.

How to Install Lords Mobile for PC in Windows/Mac

  1. Download Android emulator for Windows or Mac after choosing from list.
  2. Launch your chosen emulator and launch PlayStore on it.
  3. Search for “Lords Mobile” inside PlayStore and install it.
  4. Play! (yep, that’s it)

Tips for Playing Lords Mobile for PC

Lords Mobile requires lot of thinking in order to stay at the top. Players can assemble a team of their own and face the enemies together. Or you can face the real players alone in tense PvP battles. The world of Lords Mobile is full of things to do and places to explore. Players have to make use of their strategies to beat their enemies and stay at the top.


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