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Guardian Kingdoms for PC/Mac Download – Strategy Game

Guardian Kingdoms is an action strategy game where players build and empire. Install Guardian Kingdoms and start building your own empire on PC/Mac.

Guardian Kingdoms

Guardian Kingdoms features multiplayer battles as well as single-player campaign. The graphics and animations of Guardian Kingdoms fantastic. Detail is excellent and the controls are great. In Guardian Kingdoms, you have only one goal, to build the  strongest empire.

Guardian Kingdoms

As you progress, your army will become stronger and you will be able to attack enemy fortresses. Enemy fortresses grant you gold and stronger troops for your army. You can strengthen your defenses after collecting items from enemies.

There are lots of different types of soldiers in Guardian Kingdoms. All of these are up-gradable. Playing Guardian Kingdoms with friends is the best way to enjoy this game. You can fight real-time 3v3 battles. Or you can join a team to fight 20 opponents at a time with 20 allies.

Download Guardian Kingdoms for PC

In order to install and enjoy Android games like Guardian Kingdoms for PC on Windows, you need to have an Android emulator installed.

Presently, there are lot of good Android emulator softwares available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. We recommend to first give Nox Player a try to install Guardian Kingdoms for Windows.

Tips for Playing Guardian Kingdoms on Windows PC

Attack enemy effectively to gain great rewards.

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