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Grindr for PC: Download and Install for Windows or Mac


Get set up with Grindr for PC and make it easier to enjoy this popular app. In this article, we’ll explain how you can use Grindr on your desktop computer, in just minutes.

Grindr App Review

Grindr is a popular app aimed at connecting people. With the app, you can find people nearby to your location, browse profiles, chat and share photos privately, filter your search results, block people you don’t want to talk to or see, report people, and more.



While the app is popular (more than 10,000,000 downloads), there are those who have complained in recent months. Some specifics include issues with the location based searches, accidental bans, and some spam. However, the developers seem to be very active to respond grindr for PCto user complaints and are actively working to update the app to respond to user complaints, which I like to see.

How to Use Grindr on a PC?

Until Grindr releases a version for Windows or Mac, the only way to use your desktop computer or laptop to access Grindr is with the use of an emulator. We like Android Emulators in particular (rather than iOS emulators). But you can utilize either kind of emulator, depending upon your allegiance to Google or Apple.

If you aren’t sure what an emulator is, check out this article: What is an Android Emulator? and also our Emulator Knowledge Base.

Once you’ve decided upon your emulator (as you’ll see in our Knowledge Base, we like Bluestacks, Nox, and LDPlayer), here are the steps to get started with Grindr for Windows or Grindr for Mac:


  1. Download your emulator of choice
  2. Install emulator on your device of choice
  3. Open the emulator
  4. Inside the emulator, navigate to where you want to download the Grindr app (if you have an iOS emulator, go to the Apple Store, if you have an Android emulator, go to the Google Play Store)
  5. Download Grindr onto your PC
  6. Inside the emulator, install and open the Grindr App
  7. Use Grindr as you would if you were on your smartphone

Wrap Up

Using Grindr on your desktop computer is simple with an emulator. Have you tried the Grindr app with an emulator? How did it work? Let us know about your experience in the comments.


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