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Download State of Survival for PC


Looking to download State of Survival for PC? In this article, we’ll show you how you can start playing State of Survival on your Windows or Mac desktop computer.

State of Survival Review

Love zombies? The Walking Dead? This game is for you. Some survival games just focus on building your base up, but in State of Survival, you have objectives in each chapter to complete. With a strong story-line, stimulating challenges, simple controls, flexible settings and preferences, good-looking graphics and animations, you’ll spend hours playing this game.


Download State of Survival for PC

While most players of this game rate it highly, here is what the haters say:

  • Too many ads
  • Freezes and crashes a lot
  • Just another base builder clone game, nothing unique here
  • Lots of bugs to work through
  • Drains phone battery quickly
  • Not enough gameplay
  • Connection issues

Definitely not perfect, but there seems to be potential here for a really awesome game if the developers are able to work through some of the bugs. The game is currently rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play, with the vast majority of users giving it a 5 star review. It has been downloaded more than a million times so far. The game is free, but contains ads and in-app purchases. The content is rated 10+ for fantasy violence and some blood.

Playing State of Survival on PC

Until State of Survival is released for Windows/Mac or a browser version, the easiest way to play State of Survival for PC is with the assistance of an android emulator. An emulator imitates the android operating system on your desktop computer so you can play just about any android game or use any android app right on your desktop.


There are many emulators to choose from. We generally recommend Bluestacks as the go-to for people just getting started. It is free, and the latest version of this emulator works well.

Click Here to Download Bluestacks for Free (link takes you to Bluestacks.com, the developer of the emulator so that you can get the most up to date version of the software)

To get started with an emulator, here are the simple steps:

  1. Download and install the emulator to your desktop computer
  2. Inside the emulator, navigate to where you want to download your game
  3. Download and install the game
  4. Open the game inside the emulator
  5. Play!

That’s it.

Wrap Up

Have you tried playing State of Survival? What do you think of the gameplay and story? We’d like to hear your comments below about it.


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