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Play Dinosaur Rampage for PC (Windows/Mac)


Looking to play entertaining Dinosaur Rampage for PC? In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you have you play Dinosaur Rampage for Window and Mac computers.

Dinosaur Rampage Game Review

dinosaur rampage


Dinosaur Rampage is a fun and addictive game we know you’ll enjoy. The controls are simple and easy to use, the graphics are great, and the game is quick to learn. Even young players can enjoy this game.

You’ll love eating up all the people and doing as much damage as you can. But wait…there’s more! You’ll also have to dodge speeding meteors, kill players smaller than you, customize your dino character, level up through the ranks, and win new skins.

While most people who play this game rate it highly, here are some thoughts from the one-star reviewers. First, they complain that the game is too simple, that it should have true multiplayer options, and that there are too many ads (common for freemium games). Others experienced some lag in the game, and others complained that the game didn’t have enough content to support long term game play.

Regardless, for a free game, we think it is worth trying.


In Google Play Store, this game is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with more than 10,000 ratings and one million installs. The content in this game is rated for Everyone, though there is some mild fantasy violence. There are ads and in-app purchases.

Play Dinosaur Rampage for PC

Until Dinosaur Rampage is released for desktop computers, the way to play this popular game is with the assistance of a free android emulator software. Android emulators imitate the android operating system and necessary hardware on your desktop computer (and laptops too), sufficient to let you play the game or use the app of your choice that would be otherwise incompatible.

To get started, here’s what you’d need to do:

  1. Choose your emulator (we like Bluestacks 4)
  2. Download and launch your emulator
  3. Inside your emulator, navigate to the game apk or go to Google Play Store and download it
  4. Launch inside the emulator
  5. Play

This is it, for the most part. There are no significant technical skills required to download and install Bluestacks, or to use it to emulate your chosen game.


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