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Create Videos with Tik Tok for PC Windows 8 – 10


Music apps are increasing each day. Recently an app named Tik Tok was released that lets users to create an awesome video from music audio files.

Tik Tok Review

What is Tik Tok? It is a social media platform, formerly called musical.ly, focused on creating and sharing short music videos.

Think of it as a video creator with unique and exciting features. If you have a good playlist of music on your PC, you can add your songs to Tik Tok for PC to let it do the magic. With its built in stickers and sound effects, you will be for sure impress your friends with amazing video.


Tik Tok for PC

Tik Tok has come under fire (like many social media apps) for the way that young people are able to connect and talk with or be influenced by older individuals or those who might mean them harm. But in general, like any social media app, Tik Tok is safe for people of all ages to use, so long as adults supervise underage users appropriately.

How to use Tik Tok Video Creator on PC?

Tik Tok video creator can be installed on PC using an android emulator, such as Bluestacks or NoxAppPlayer emulator. Whichever you opt for, both serve the same purpose (which is using Tik Tok on a PC).

The steps are:


  1. Choose your emulator
  2. Download and install your emulator on your PC
  3. Inside the emulator, navigate to where you can download and install Tik Tok
  4. Inside the emulator, use Tik Tok as you normally would

Wrap Up

Apart from being a video creator, Tik Tok for PC is also a sort social media platform where you can check the videos created by your friends. You will be able to interact with your friends by liking and commenting on their videos.

To conclude, give Tik Tok video editor a try on your PC and start creating videos out of your music files.


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