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Guide to Download Cosmic Showdown for PC: An Amazing Battle Game


Cosmic Showdown in a skill-based strategy action game set in the space. This game is all about fighting the enemies in space. If you are fond of playing games where skill matters more than luck, you will love playing Cosmic Showdown. 

Cosmic Showdown for PC Review

Cosmic Showdown is very unique in terms of its game-play. In each battle, you will face real players. The combat is bound by time. It means that you will be fighting your opponents for a specific amount of time. The battle is based on fighting cards and taking turns.

In order to beat your enemies, you’ll have to combine different cards together to form a worthy combination. You can try out numerous combinations in battle. Cosmic Showdown for PC and Mac


Timing is critical and can totally change the tide in the battle. If you place your cards in the right combination and activate them at the right them, you will quickly gain over your enemies. As you prove stronger against your enemies, you will win great rewards.

Unlocking these rewards will strengthen your battle cards. Cosmic Showdown is full of surprises, unexpected events and thrilling fights and is full of beautiful yet dangerous locations to explore.

How to Download and Install Cosmic Showdown in Windows 7, 8 or 10

In order to download and play Cosmic Showdow for PC, you need to download and install NoxAppPlayer first, which is an Android emulator. It is compatible with:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • macOS

Once NoxAppPlayer is downloaded, follow the steps below to download and install Cosmic Showdow for PC:


  1. Launch NoxAppPlayer. (You can also choose another emulator from our list of best Android emulators for Windows)
  2. Open PlayStore inside emulator.
  3. Search for Cosmic Showdown and install it.

Some Tips for Playing Cosmic Showdown Game

The game is full of cards to unlock. All these cards have different stats and have different uses in combat. Once you get used to them, you will form a right combination. Once you get the right combination, you will easily gain the edge over the enemy. Timing and strategy are the most important elements of this game.


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