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Download and Play Clean Road Game on PC/Mac


If you are fond of simple games with hard levels, you will surely love Clean Road. If you want to make the challenge even more enjoyable, play Clean Road on your PC/Mac with Android emulator.

Clean Road

Clean Road is a game that is all about driving through obstacles to clean roads. This game offers slightly different driving mechanics. In order to successfully clean roads, you will have to drive through the snow without hitting the objects in your path. Some objects stand in their path, those are easy to get past, but the ones that are difficult are the ones that move here and there.Clean Road for PC


Download Clean Road for PC & Mac

  1. Download Android emulator for Windows or Mac after choosing from list.
  2. Launch emulator and launch PlayStore on it.
  3. Search for “[App/Game Name]” inside PlayStore and install it.


To make the levels even more challenging, you will directly face the difficulty as you progress further throughout the game. You will find it difficult to clean the roads through your snow plow once you progress in the game. Every level offers a unique challenge.

You can also buy a new snow plow to make it easier for yourself. Clean Road is an awesome game with simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics. This game has a brilliant level design.



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