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Browse with Armorfly Downloader for Windows PC and Mac


Looking for a fast web browser? Why not give Amorfly Browser with a built-in downloader a try?

Amorfly Browser and Downloader for Windows 7 – Windows 8 – Windows 10 PC

Amorfly browser and downloader, as its name suggests has two in one functions. At one end it is a very very fast web browser with very light on bandwidth. One the other hand, with Amorfly, you can download videos and audio files, thanks to its built-in fast speed downloader.


Armorfly browser and downloader for PC

You might be wondering that downloader is present in each browser, then why amorfly is different? Well, the downloader of other browsers does not let you download the video files, which Amorfly web browser does.

To install Amorfly browser and downloader in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, install any Android emulator like Bluestacks and proceed.

Moreover, with Amorfly web browser, you will be able to browse the web very fast. It is because of its mobile nature. Mobile web browsers are normally very fast and so is case with Amorfly.



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