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Download AppCleaner: Free CleanMyMac Alternative for macOS


Is your Mac getting slow? Do you have lot of apps installed on your Mac and now want to remove them? If this is the scenario, then AppCleaner is a utility for Mac that you should definitely try out.

AppCleaner for Mac

AppCleaner Utility

AppCleaner is free mac utility that is one of the best CleanMyMac alternative. It is available for free and occupies very small size on your latest macOS based Mac SSD.


Download AppCleaner

How to Use AppCleaner to Speed Up Mac

Once AppCleaner is installed, next is how to use it. You will be delighted to know that using AppCleaner is very easy. Simply launch AppCleaner using its icon from launcher.

Once launched, simply drag and drop the application inside AppCleaner to find its related files. It will display all the related files of that app, that you can delete individually.


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