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How to Install and Play Traffic Run! for PC


Traffic Run! is one of the most challenging and entertaining racing games on PlayStore. Check out how you can run this amazing game on Windows 7,8 or 10.

Traffic Run! Review

Traffic Run! pushes the skills of players to the test. Your driving skills will be pushed to boundaries in Traffic Run!. Your goal is to drive through fast and furious traffic. It might seem easy enough, but when you are driving, it seems very very difficult. This is because, you will be driving on road where you won’t be able to overtake other persons. So you will be moving on a straight one-lane road.

Traffic Run


When you are in between two cars, you will have to manage your speed, if you go too fast, you will hit the car in front of you. Similarly, if you drive too slow, the car behind you might hit you. The level-design is perfect with beautiful environment, awesome lighting and fantastic visuals. Controls are very responsive. The game-play is fluid, fast and highly thrilling.

Steps to Install Traffic Run! for PC

Step # 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator and install it on your Windows or Mac using on-screen instructions.

Step # 2: Launch PlayStore with-in Bluestacks and search for “Traffic Run!”.

Step # 3: Enjoy playing Traffic Run! on your PC or Mac.


Not sure what an android emulator is? (or trust random software that you have to download) We’ve got an article explaining what android emulators are, so you can decide whether Bluestacks (or other emulator) is right for you. (Article: What is an Android Emulator?)

Final Words about Traffic Run!

Traffic Run! has more than 10 Million downloads. The reason for it is that, this game is so simple in game-play, yet it brings joy to the players in many ways. Tense driving, fast traffic, controlling the speed of your car, these factors make Traffic Run!, a wonderful game.


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