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Tasty Planet Forever for PC: Explore Things in Huge Map


Tasty Planet Forever is a casual game for players who love to have pets. This game excellently transforms a simple idea into an entertaining experience. Enjoy playing Tasty Planet Forever on your PC and Mac with emulator.

Tasty Planet Forever Review

Tasty Planet Forever is a game where all you have to do is eating. You can pet animals of various kinds. To take care of these pets, you will have to feed them. Each animal has to be fed according to its size. Tasty Planet Forever is a very interesting game with a huge map that is filled with things to do and places to explore. These places are unlocked with the player’s progression.

Tasty Planet Forever


Players can pick any animal they like. Your goal with every animal is similar, eating to the fullest. You can choose any of the interesting animals that come into your minds. Players can even pick a bee and fly across the vast map. Maps are unlocked as you complete levels.

The entertainment level in Tasty Planet Forever is very satisfying. Players can enjoy this game for lots of hours without getting bored. The levels are totally different from each other and are in an immense amount.

Installation Steps of Tasty Planet Forever for PC in Windows & Mac

  1. Download Android emulator like NoxAppPlayer or Bluestacks.
  2. Launch emulator and search for “Tasty Planet Forever”.
  3. Proceed with its installation.

Main Gameplay of Tasty Planet Forever

The main thing to do in Tasty Planet Forever is to grow big. When you start a level, your animal will be small but as you start eating all the creatures around you, your animal will grow bigger.

Tasty Planet Forever also features a co-op mode. Co-op mode in an effective way of enjoying Tasty Planet Forever as levels are completed faster at a much faster rate.



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