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Surf Web with Hexatech Free VPN Proxy for PC and Mac


With growing internet usage, the cyber attacks and malware has also increased. With HexaTech Free VPN for PC, you can enjoy fast speed internet connection along with enjoying privacy and security.

Hexatech Free VPN Proxy for PC and Mac

Throughout this website, we have covered lot of VPN applications. Each VPN has its own advantage. HexaTech Free VPN Proxy does have its own advantages. It is first of all free and has lot of servers to choose from.

Hexatech Free VPN for PC


And, like most VPNs, it’s goal is to protect your data through encryption. This is especially important if you are using internet at public wi-fi hotspots, or on connections where a lot of people have the password to, such as in libraries, coffee shops, hospitals, and hotels.

Hexatech is free to download and free to use. There are no limits for your access or connection, and they do not require that you register, login, or provide a credit card to get started. Further (and this is something we like), there are no logs saved.

Developer by Betternet LLC, HexaTech Free VPN Proxy has very simple configuration. As soon as you install it on your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, all you need is just to connect it.

By default, Hexatech Free VPN Proxy will connect to nearest and fastest server to provide un-interrupted internet connectivity. However, you will have option to select your desired VPN server location.


These days people are using VPNs like Hexatech to try and fool Netflix to get access to better libraries. While HexaTech may have worked in the past, as of writing this article, it is hard to say with any certainty whether this VPN will get past Netflix’s increasingly improved barriers to unauthorized access.

To conclude, Hexatech Free VPN Proxy is superior VPN for Windows PCs and Macs that help you keep safe from cyber attacks and malwares, while at same time not compromising on the internet speed.


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