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Download and Play Racing Xtreme 2 in Windows (PC)


If you enjoy playing simple yet challenging games with immense fun, you surely need to give Racing Xtreme 2 a try. Learn how you can enjoy Racing Xtreme 2 on PC.

Racing Xtreme 2 for PC

Not every racing game features off-road racing like Racing Xtreme 2. This game totally focuses on off-road racing. This makes it the one of the most compelling and enjoyable racing game. It is especially for those players who love riding huge jeeps in deserts.

There are lots of things that make Racing Xtreme 2 a truly fantastic game. It has amazing tracks. Each track requires a different approach in order to be executed with more points. The tracks are beautiful and well-detailed.


Racing Xtreme 2

There are lots of fantastic trucks that you can unlock as you collect more points. As you collect more points during the races, you will level up faster and unlock faster and more powerful trucks. So collecting more coins becomes critical.

If you want to quickly unlock cool new trucks, try your best to approach as many coins as you can. Racing Xtreme 2 requires strategic and well-timing more than it requires driving skills. The controls are easy to practice and very responsive.

Download and Play Racing Xtreme 2 in PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to download and play Racing Xtreme 2 for PC, you need to download and install NoxAppPlayer first, which is an Android emulator.


Once NoxAppPlayer is downloaded, follow the steps below to download and install Racing Xtreme 2 for PC:

  1. Launch NoxAppPlayer. (You can also choose another emulator from our list of best Android emulators for Windows)
  2. Open PlayStore inside the emulator.
  3. Search for Racing Xtreme 2 and install it.

Some Tips for Playing Racing Xtreme 2 for PC

Your vehicle will also have a turbo. If you use this turbo at the right time, you can turn the tide of the race. You will also see lots of side challenges. If you complete these challenges, you will earn lot of XP. Upgrading vehicles in Racing Xtreme 2 are critical. You can modify your vehicle in a variety of ways.


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