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Play Game of Kings: The Blood Throne for PC (Windows/Mac)


Looking to figure out a way to play Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on your desktop or laptop computer? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can get started playing this adventurous medieval war game on the wide screen of your desktop computer in a few quick steps with the assistance of an android emulator.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne

game of kings


Looking for a complex and attention grabbing strategy and simulation medieval war game? Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is it.

You’ll get all the bells and whistles you’d expect: armies, fighting, dragons, monsters, goblins, hellhounds, centaurs, gathering resources, exploring the world, building an army, create alliances or join another, create weapons, real time chat, free gifts, and more.

The graphics in this game are truly a pleasure to view, the quests are complex and challenging, and the play is really enjoyable.

If you hear complaints about this game, it is usually having to do with the freemium features (meaning the in-app purchases). Players really seem to dislike both the cost and amount of spending that they perceive to be necessary to compete in the game.


Given our experience, we understand that ads and in-app purchases are how the developers make money, so we don’t let the existence of those qualities impact our review and thoughts about the game all that much.

Playing Game of Kings: The Blood Throne for Windows/Mac

Until a version of this popular game is released for PC, the best way to play this android game on your PC is with the assistance of an android emulator.

Emulators mimic the android system on your desktop or laptop computer to overcome the incompatibility issues. While this might sound technical, for the user it is actually a low tech solution.


Here are the steps to get started playing Game of Kings on your desktop computer:

  1. Download your chosen emulator. We recommend Bluestacks emulator, because it is free, easy to set up, and beginner friendly. (Link takes you to the developer website, not to an automatic download)
  2. Install Bluestacks through the installer you downloaded
  3. Launch the emulator and follow the set up instructions
  4. Once you are in the emulator, you can use the search bar to search for the game you want to play, and download/install it through the emulator
  5. Launch the game from the “My Apps” section in the emulator
  6. Play.

That’s it.

Wrap Up

Once you have an emulator like Bluestacks installed, you can play tons of android only games and utilize all kinds of android only apps on your desktop computer.

Have you played Game of Kings: The Blood Throne? What do you think of the game? Would you recommend it to others? Let us know your review of the game in the comments section below.


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