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Lorex Eco Stratus for PC – How to Install on Windows 8/10 or Mac


If you are Lorex Eco DVR user, then Lorex Eco Stratus is a must have app for you, in order to ensure fool-proof surveillance at all the time. This post will guide you how to install it on your Windows 8, 10 computer or macOS based Mac.

Lorex Eco Stratus

Lorex Eco Stratus is an Android app, offered officially by Lorex, the company famous for their DVR’s. If you have their DVR, then with Lorex Eco Stratus app, you can control the movement of your PTZ cameras, can monitor the live video stream on your mobile phone and even can take snapshots.

Another important feature of having this app installed is that you can have a look at your surroundings, while you are away. This way, if something wrong happens, you can act immediately.


Download Lorex Eco Stratus for PC

Some key features of Lorex Eco Stratus include ability to control the cameras from Android device and having access to your DVR hard drive while on the go.

How to Download Lorex Eco Stratus for PC

It is very simple and straight-forward process to download and install this app on your Windows or Mac based computer. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download NoxAppPlayer. (Nox is an Android Emulator. If you don’t know what an emulator is, check out our basics article: What is an Android Emulator?)
  2. Launch Nox and open up PlayStore.
  3. Search for “Lorex Eco Stratus”.
  4. Start the downloading of the app.
  5. After successful installation of Lorex Eco Stratus, launch it to configure it.

Please note that Lorex Eco Stratus will need to be properly configured, before it is ready to use on your Windows 8, 10 or macOS based desktop computer. Once configured, you will be able to access all the features of this app, right from your computer screen.


Wrap Up

Have you tried Lorex Eco Stratus? What did you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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