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Last Shelter: Survival for PC – Action Packed Game to Combat Zombies


For the players who love playing survival games, Last Shelter: Survival is a must try game. This game covers all that is needed to make a good survival action game.

Last Shelter: Survival Review

Last Shelter: Survival is a game that centralizes on the idea of building a society in a zombie apocalyptic world. The players have to control and manage everything. You have to take care of your people.

You have to set defenses for them and bring them food. Last Shelter: Survival is a pure survival game. The game is filled with turning events that you will experience as you progress throughout the game’s campaign.


Last Shelter: Survival

Building a shelter and organizing it is the most critical aspect of the game. It requires lots of missions to be completed in order to do that. The world is filled with lots of survivors. You can form allies or face enemies in this brutal world. By completing missions, you can gain enough resources for fortifying your shelter. Players will also face raids from scavengers.

As you are managing a large society, you can also grow your own food, build separate shelters for refugees and make new friends. These characters are introduced to you as you complete more levels. These characters have their own set of abilities that are useful in combat. The world is full of zombies and you will have to plan your every move accordingly in order to stay alive and lead your people.

How to Download Last Shelter: Survival for PC

You need to have an Android emulator installed on your Windows PC before being able to play Last Shelter: Survival for PC. We recommend using Bluestacks. Once done with installation of Bluestacks, follow the steps below:


  1. Launch Bluestacks and open PlayStore inside it.
  2. Search for “Last Shelter: Survival” and install it.

Final Words about Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival for PC is a fantastic survival game with strategic game-play. Its visuals are great and the progression system is very satisfying.


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