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How to Play Earn to Die Lite Game on PC (Windows or Mac)


Earn to Die Lite is a game that is full of chaotic and explosive action. Find out how you can experience the chaotic adventure on PC/Mac with an Android emulator.

Earn to Die Lite Review

Earn to Die Lite puts you the players in a tense situation. You are alone, in the middle of the desert, in hopes of finding your way out. In this mess, you have to face numerous zombie hordes. But don’t worry, because you still have your vehicle in your possession. Your main objective is to blast through the hordes of zombies. Your main focus in this game should always be your vehicle.

How to Install Earn to Die Lite using BlueStacks

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it.
  2. Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks.
  3. Search for “Earn to Die Lite” and proceed with installation.

Gameplay of Earn to Die Lite

Earning money in game would help you to buy new vehicles or upgrade the existing ones. Vehicles can be upgraded in a lot of interesting ways. You can increase the speed of your vehicle or make it even more lethal to zombies. The choice is all yours.


The game-play is very fluid and full of explosive action. You will find yourself lost in the action of the game. This is because , the levels and the game-play pair very well. The graphics and attention to detail is astonishing.

Earn to Die Lite

Pick a racer car, jeep or a monstrous truck, you choose in Earn to Die Lite. As you choose new vehicles and install new upgrades on these cars,, don’t forget your main objective, that is to fight your way through the zombie hordes to find your way out of this zombie zone. As you drive across the desert, you will be making progress towards the safe places.

This game is rated T (for Teen), and is currently rated at 4.3 stars in the Play Store.



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