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How to Play Cowboy Gun War Game on Windows or Mac


If you are looking for pure action games, Cowboy Gun War is the game for you. You can download this game using Bluestacks and enjoy it on your PC or Mac.

Cowboy Gun War

In Cowboy Gun War, you play as a cowboy who sets his foots in dangerous surroundings, the west. The west of the nineteenth century was brutal. People would kill each other over trivial matters. Your mission is to save the innocent people and make a stand with them against the corrupt people of the society.

Cowboy Gun War for PC


How to Install Cowboy Gun War on Windows PC or Mac

Step # 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator and install it on your Windows using on-screen instructions.

Step # 2: Launch PlayStore with-in Bluestacks and search for “Cowboy Gun War”.

Step # 3: Enjoy playing Cowboy Gun War on your PC or Mac.

Tips for Playing Cowboy Gun War on PC/Mac

You will get to play lots of story missions in Cowboy Gun War. Each mission will offer different locations, various objectives and promising action. The environment of this game has been designed brilliantly and it is vast in size too. To cover these vast distances, you can mount on a horseback. The horse riding is very satisfying and enjoyable.


Gameplay is amazing considering the gun-play, horse movement and graphics. If you want t o take a break from the story missions, you can engage in side missions. Players can partake in multiple side quests. The most entertaining side quest is the duels. Horse races are also common.

The map is immense and wonderfully designed. You will find yourself exploring it on a horseback quite often. But don’t get too indulged in the scenery, as you may get attacked by robbers anytime.

Customize your weaponry and handle various types of weapons to enhance your play-style. You can unlock these weapons as you proceed in the game. Cowboy Gun War is a fantastic game with awesome graphics, entertaining game-play, great visuals and a great system of side quests.


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