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Full Metal Monsters for PC: Team Up Against Metal Devils


Some games are so unique and attractive that they introduce a new genre. Full Metal Monsters is an example of those games. It is a game with superb game-play and environment. You can enjoy this game on your laptop screens or monitors with the use of Bluestacks.

Full Metal Monsters Review

Full Metal Monsters is a huge game in terms of its gameplay elements. Five players team up to fight against metal devils. You will have to tame monsters and unlock their skills and upgrade their abilities to make them capable in the fight against your enemies.

Full Metal Monsters for PC


There are various game modes and lots of characters that you can choose in Full Metal Monsters. The gameplay is full of action and thrills. Players can equip their dragons with loads of weapons. Each upgrade you make yo your character makes him powerful and durable in the combat. Similarly, your approach to the battle can also affect greatly.

There are multiple categories of dinosaurs in this game. Each type of dinosaur has its own sets of pros and cons. You can unlock any of them and use them in combat against your enemies.

How to Install Full Metal Monsters on Windows 8/10 PC or Mac

To install and play Full Metal Monsters on your desktop computer, you’ll need the assistance of an Android Emulator. Once you choose which emulator to use, here are the simple steps to play Full Metal Monsters for PC:

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it.
  2. Open PlayStore inside Bluestacks.
  3. Search for “Full Metal Monsters” and proceed with installation.

Final Words

The combat in Full Metal Monsters is very critical. You can fight your enemies on the ground or in the air. The attention to detail is astonishing. Engage in multiple game modes, upgrade your dinosaurs, team-up and fight valiantly in Full Metal Monsters.



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