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Download and Play Era of Celestials for PC on Windows 8/10 or Mac


Era of Celestials is a very engaging and immersive RPG game. This game is fully based on RPG elements giving you full control over your characters.

Era of Celestials Review

Era of Celestials is a game with a rich campaign. The game focuses most on its PvP matches. In this matches you will face real players and fight them with your worthy heroes. Your heroes grow stronger as you spend more time with them. The game’s progression system is very unique.

As your character grows stronger, it will grow in to celestials. Elysians are the price you have to pay for growing your characters into celestials. These elysians can be used in multiple ways to improve your character’s skills and making him more durable in combat.


Era of Celestials for PC and MacAs Era of Celestials features tense PvP matches, the situations during match can change at any time. You have to form strategies and improvise during the fight in order to beat out your opponents. For this purpose, there are various creatures known as sprites. These sprites are responsible for assisting you in combat. They have specific tasks and you can choose any of them to fit your play-style.

Download Era of Celestials for PC

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks using the easy mentioned instructions.

Step 3: Launch the emulator and look for PlayStore icon on homescreen/.


Step 4: Seach for “Era of Celestials” and then install it.

How to Close High in Era of Celestials

There are lots of opportunities in Era of Celestials for making your character more powerful and effective in combat. Explore the world and take down vicious creatures to gain a fitting loot. This loot will give you an upper hand over your opponent in PvP matches. Era of Celestials is a complete RPG package with lots of game-play features.


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