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Download Sinister Night: Horror Survival Game for PC


Looking to get started playing Sinister Night: Horror Survival Game & Granny Widow for PC? In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how you can get started playing this up and coming horror game on your desktop computer with the assistance of an android emulator.

Sinister Night: Horror Survival Game & Granny Widow

sinister night


Love to be scared? This is a game that will give you chills! If you like Granny/Granny 2, you are going to love this one. In Sinister Night, you are trying to escape a sinister castle, and a granny widow is looking for you. To survive, you have to hide and run from granny, solve puzzles, and ultimately find a way out.

Sinister Night has multiple levels of pay, from easy, normal, hard, extreme, and ghost. Playing the level you are ready for really improves the overall experience. For example, if you don’t want to run and hide from the granny, you can play in ghost mode and just walk around and solve the puzzles.

Sinister Night is free to play, with in-app purchases. The content is rated for Teens and up (no surprise given the horror theme). Right now the game is getting a lot of 5 star reviews, but there have been some reviews complaining of bugs, which honestly is not surprising given that the game is still new (bugs are common in new games).

Play Sinister Night for PC

A game like Sinister Night would be much scarier on a big screen. Until Sinister Night is released for PC, the easiest way to play this Granny alternative is with the assistance of an android emulator.


The emulator is a free piece of software that can be easily downloaded from the internet. It imitates the android operating system on your desktop or laptop computer, so that you can use and play any number of android games and apps on your desktop computer.

Most emulators are free to download and use. We recommend Bluestacks emulator, but there are lots of other options available.

Once you have your emulator (downloaded, installed, launched, and set up), all you need to do is get the apk file for your game. You can get the file through your emulator (connects you up to Google Play Store), or by downloading the apk file and then launching it with the emulator.

That’s it! No major technical experience required.

Wrap Up

Have you tried Sinister Night? What do you think of it? Is it scary? Let us know if it scared you in the comments section below.



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