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Day R Survival for PC – Experience Online RPG Game on Windows 8/10


Experience post apocalyptic world like never before in Day R Survival. It is because this game is a true online RPG experience set in a world destroyed by nuclear wars.

Day R Survival Review

The world has lost lots of people due to a devastative nuclear war. Your journey through these torn lands will bring you in front of many secrets that waged this war. Along the journey, you will also get to know more about your character and his family. The character knows nothing about his family’s health or location. He has to venture through these deadly lands and survive at any cost in order to reach there.

Day R Survival for PC and MacThe world of Day R Survival is very huge and brilliantly detailed. The world truly feels like a post-apocalyptic world. As the game is based on true RPG elements, you will face lots of challenges. Diseases have spread around you and your only choice is to move forward. You will have to face lots of daring problems in this vast world. Use your crafting and combat skills to make use of whatever is at your hand.


Players will face vicious monsters too in Day R Survival. You will have to take care of every small detail in this game. Your character can catch a disease and even small animals can seriously injure the character.

Download Day R Survival for PC

  1. Download Nox App Player and install it.
  2. Open PlayStore inside Nox.
  3. Search for “Day R Survival” and proceed with installation.

Final Words about Day R Survival

There are lots of locations to explore in the world of Day R Survival. The weather is dynamic, encouraging you to change your strategies. Weapons can be crafted along with gear items and transport too can be used to traverse the huge map of Day R Survival.

Along your journey, you will meet various characters that will give you missions to complete. Day R Survival is truly an RPG game with amazing and very addictive game-play. Its graphics are entirely unusual.


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