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Clan Race for PC: Yet Another Driving Skills Testing Game


Clan Race is a bike racing game for those who love a challenge. This game will test your driving skills in interesting ways. Try out this great racing game on big screens by following this guide.

Clan Race Game Review

Clan Race features amazing game-play features and graphics to keep the players engaged to the game-play at all times. This game is very different in terms of its game-play. Players can choose their own character and own a bike. As they complete levels, they can upgrade their bikes as well as their character. There are lots of game modes included in Clan Race. You can play solo or join a team and race together.

Clan RaceThe tracks are unique and diverse. The game-play is fast and competitive. You will be racing against real players from across the globe in Clan Race’s online mode. Online mode will test your driving skills at best.


Friends can play together as a team or join any other party. As you proceed further in the game, you will unlock new bikes. These bikes will have improved stats. In Clan Race, you also have to improve your character’s stats in order to stay ahead from your opponents.

Steps for Installation of Clan Race for PC in Windows and Mac

Clan Race is an Android game and in order to play it on your Windows computer or Mac, you will need to install an emulator like Bluestacks. Once done with installation of Bluestacks, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Bluestacks and open PlayStore.
  2. Search for “Clan Race”.
  3. Proceed with installation.

Final Words about Clan Race Game

The map of clan race game is huge and contains many racing locations. All these locations are great and will enrich your game-play experience by stunning visuals. The amount of detail in this game is impressive. Controls system is intuitive and very responsive.

There are variety of options while upgrading your bike. You can add improvements to your bike in many ways. Clan Race is a brilliant racing game with an engaging and thrilling game-play.



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