Download Destiny6 NetMarble for Mac and Windows 7/8/10

Destiny6 NetMarble PC Mac

Netmarble has produced yet another amazing title named as Destiny6. It is RPG role playing game. In the gameplay of Destiny6, players have to collect the main characters and then proceed to fight against enemies on their Windows PCs or Macs.

Download IPTV Shqip for Windows and Mac

IPTV Shqip for PC and Mac

Internet is very common these days. If you have got an LED TV or Plasma with an active internet connection, there is a great news for you. Since cable subscription is very expensive these days, this app called IPTV Shqip for PC will really help you.

Download Texting Story for Win PC and Mac

Texting Story for PC and Mac

Messaging is essential part of our life these days. Thanks to app developers of Android and iOS, we have not lot of messaging apps available. With WhatsApp and Snapchat getting out of ideas, apps like Testing Story are released to kill our boredom.