Install Sound.FM on PC and Mac

Sound.FM for PC and Mac

Sound.FM is an amazing app that lets you choose to play sounds according to your mood and taste. If you want to sleep, you can turn on the meditation sound in Sound.FM and can enjoy good sleep.

Download CoinMaster for PC on Windows or Mac

CoinMaster for PC

Coin Master is a casual game. As its name suggests, the gameplay evolve around collecting as many coins as you can. In order to prove your worth and power, you have to jump into the battles to prove yourself as best pirate.

Install Mortimer Becket and Book of Gold on Mac/PC

Mortimer Becket and Book of Gold

Mortimer Becket and Book of Gold for PC and Mac is yet another adventure game where players are required to sort out solution for different mysteries. The game comprises of 60 exciting levels with each one having its own story.